Moving forward with Cobalt

Cobalt Electric Bikes and Scooters are designed with convenience and practicality in mind, as well as providing an environmentally friendly solution to your travel and leisure needs. 

Cobalt products are positioned at the mid to high end of the market, due to their innovative design and high quality craftsmanship. 

Our products are not just electric, they are compact and foldable, allowing people to stow it in camping vehicles, buses, trains, cars or taxis, making it so easy to move around. 

Weight saving. At just 14kg, the foldable scooter can be carried in a backpack allowing for easy transportation. Taking up less than one cubic metre, it can be stored in small spaces. On top of that, just click out the battery and then charge it easily at home or away, so you are always ready again! 


We have designed a foldable scooter that is lightweight, safe and has a detachable battery.


It is designed to be easy to fold, using quality mechanisms ensuring safe and strong folding capabilities, as well as using strong, l ightweight and durable materials.


Our scooter has a triple brake system, integrated head and brake lights, 10 inch puncture resistant tyres and a well balanced, strong and durable design built to endure day to day travelling.


All of the above matter, but we also want to push the boundaries and create something truly ground breaking. That’s why we took great thought in designing Cobalt 1 and Cobalt 2. We are also in the process of creating a completely revolutionary product, the RS3